Here at Carson County Veterinary Clinic, we are pleased to have a wide variety of general medicine and surgery services for large animals including cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and pigs. We are proud to be able to serve Texas Panhandle and the surrounding areas to give your animal the best care that they deserve.

We work with local 4H and FFA student on their show animals, as well. Call us today at (806) 537-3522 with any questions!

Equine Services
Preventative Medicine including deworming, vaccinations, annual Coggins testing. Equine dentistry services using modern power float techniques and the ability to do extractions if needed. Reproductive services including breeding soundness exams, artificial insemination, and pregnancy diagnosis. For clients who travel frequently with their horses we can also provide electronic health certificates and Coggins for your travel needs.

Farm Visits
For single animal and small groups, we prefer the efficiency of having our patients brought to the clinic. For herd consultations, disease investigation, and other herd level services, please schedule a visit to your farm or ranch.

Bovine Reproductive Services
Here at Carson County Veterinary Clinic, we offer bovine reproductive services which include breeding consultations, Breeding Soundness Exams, artificial insemination, reproductive ultrasounds, and pregnancy diagnosis.

Swine Medicine/Surgery
Carson County Veterinary Clinic provides a range of services to keep your swine healthy. We offer services including diagnostics, medication, and surgeries for show pigs, entire herds, and miniature pet pigs.

Disease and Herd Management Investigation
Recognizing and preventing disease conditions in a herd requires accurate record-keeping and continuous process improvement. We encourage our clients to consult with us regularly on animal nutrition, disease prevention, product selection, treatment protocols, and goals for their animals and herds.

Product Sales
We try to keep a number of routine medications, vaccines, and supplies on hand for the convenience of our clients. Need colostrum replacement for an orphan calf, hotshot batteries, or did your pistol grip just break?

Emergency Service
Please call us at (806) 537-3522 if you have an emergency, and we will do our best to help you through this emergency. For more information click here.